Saturday, October 31

Life Lately: Our October

Brian did the Arizona Half-Ironman! It's a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, and topped off with a half marathon. Yeah. I was more than a little concerned for him going into it, since he hadn't been able to train all that much with helping me take care of Edison. But he did it! And my sister-in-law, Edison, and I were there to cheer him all all seven and a half hours of it. I'm so proud!

It was a tiring day for all of us. 

Speaking of tired, Edison has had a slow time adjusting to sleeping at daycare. He usually only takes very short naps there, when I'm working from home with him the next day, he's very sleepy and snuggly. 

In the last couple weeks, he's improved his fine motor skills. Pulling this little blanket's ribbons into his mouth, and burying his face in it, are some of his new favorite things to do. 

Reaching new heights!

Going back to work has been ... challenging. Beyond what I imagine is normal - I have a new boss, a new job, my entire department has been restructured ... and many other challenges that I can't go into here.

But I recently read this quote, and it sums up my perspective. I know that I'm capable of learning to do whatever I set my mind to and making it great, so there's no sense in wasting energy on the past.

The sunsets lately have been incredible.

Our little man turned three months old! Look at those smiles!


He's starting to look like a toddler, and my heart can't handle it. 

At daycare, he made his first art! He painted this pumpkin with his feet. Clearly, my baby is a genius. 

With all the drama at work, Halloween snuck up on me. I had to improvise with what I had already for Edison's costume. I figured that if we took Edison trick-or-treating, our neighbors might see through that, so I'm hoping that next year we'll have a reason to get dressed up as a family (including Sirius!).

Happy Halloween!

Since it is actually a little chilly, Edison decided he'd prefer to be a sailor for Halloween.

That's a bit of life lately! I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!

Out of curiosity, how old were your kids when you first took them trick-or-treating? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

Friday, October 9

Five Friday Finds 10/9

Happy Friday! Just a handful of things/blogs/shops/articles that I found inspiring, encouraging, or entertaining: 

1. The Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey. Disclaimer: I've only listened to one episode so far. Disclaimer to my disclaimer: that's all it took for me to know that this podcast is excellent. It really is like sitting with your best girlfriends for happy hour, except that in this case your girlfriends are all the authors, bloggers, artists, and creative women you admire from around the whole internet. So you should gather the real life girlfriends you admire, and tell them to listen to this podcast with you, during happy hour. 

2. 4 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes and 3 Easy DIY Princess Costumes from Merrick's Art. The Elsa dress! You guys! And the modest Ariel outfit! And don't even get me started on the Kate Middleton costume - I could wear that every day of the year, not just for Halloween. 

3. "Make Room" Advent Calendar and Devotional from Naptime Diaries. I love Advent. Well, I should say, I love the idea of Advent. Don't we all want to slow down and savor the true meaning of the Christmas season? I'm just really bad at it. This advent calendar and devotional would provide that motivation and accountability. Plus, it's just pretty.

4. Life Lived Beautifully Fashion Week with Gretchen. I so enjoyed Gretchen's series last week on fashion from a Biblical perspective. This post especially, Fashion and Real Life, is chock full of practical advice. Gretchen has a four month old, and I have an almost three month old, so if she can get dressed every day, I can too! She introduced me to several new ethical fashion brands that I'm excited to check out.

5. New and improved Decor and Storage Ideas for Your Dorm Room (And Other Small Spaces) Part one and Part 2. Can you believe that Pinterest wasn't even really a thing when I first wrote those posts?! I'm almost considered old in blogging years. So this week I took some time (actually, a TON of time, like, days) to fix all the broken links and images for things that no longer existed, and added brand new thrifty decorating and storage ideas that you can try out really anywhere you need to maximize your storage or add a little flair.

That's what I found this week! What about you? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram.

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Wednesday, October 7

White to Bright: Office Makeover Inspiration

White is so hot right now. 

Sleek, modern, pure, and accented with gold and soft pastels. As much as I admire the Scandinavian look (and Bonnie's office above is LOVELY) that workspace just doesn't work for me. I'd feel like I'd always need my nails done, fresh peonies, and a latte in order to work. It's just not sustainable.

Creativity is messy! However, there's a big difference between a messy creative process and a messy, chaotic office. Outer calm creates inner calm. You want to be more productive? Clean off your desk. And your husband's desk? Well, turn your chair so you can't see it. 

Here's what our office started with: a recipe for mediocrity. Beige walls - check. Bland shaggy carpet - check. Carpet infested with cat fur - also check. Dog won't stop peeing on said carpet because of said cat fur - check. Tearing out the carpet first thing - CHECK.

Where to even begin? 

The balance of serenity and warmth is why I tore this photo out of Better Homes and Gardens years ago. I like the productivity boosting color scheme of blues and grays with natural textures - modern, but with warmth.

I'm inspired by this living room styled by Emily Henderson. The patterned chair, gold and brass accents, contrasting colors - it's exciting, but not overwhelming. 

Apparently, I really like patterned chairs. For my office inspiration boards, I'm going to start there, with a vintage accent chair find from Chairish

I had a hard time choosing just one vintage chair to be the focal point - this one was a close second. With the centerpiece chosen, we can build outward and make it our own. I took my inspiration in two different ways - classic and wildcard.

Style #1: Classic

For this style board, I started with the BHG photo and added the navy gallery wall from HomeDit, but I also made it more bright and colorful with light blue and yellow. 

I like the contrast of the ornate gold frames on the navy background, and the sunny Stockholm rug from Ikea repeats the shape of the mirrors and adds warmth to the floor that's missing in the inspiration photo. While the desk doesn't have the weathered look of the metal one, you could always rough it up with sandpaper, if you really wanted. 

The magazine files, storage baskets, and light fixture add color, texture, and well, light, to illuminate your excellent organization. As for the print, my decor philosophy is to always add a little something French. You really can't go wrong. 

Style #2: Wildcard

Party time! These colors feel so happy. Hot pink accents punch up the energy while the pool blue of the desk chair and curtains and white desk keep things simple. The light, pillow, and table add sparkle, but the patterned chair remains the focal point. In this room, I'd use the chair and side table to make a little reading nook.

I showed both style boards to Brian, and guess which one he liked best? He said the second one doesn't feel like an office. But maybe that's the point - if it feels cozy and fun, we'll want to spend more time there. 

Although I can see the hot pink being a deterrent for one of us. 

I'll try to post update on what we've done since ripping out the carpet soon. 

So, what do you think? Would you pick the classic navy, blue and yellow, or go for the wildcard hot pink? 

Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below, on Instagram, or Facebook. 

Tuesday, October 6

Letter to Edison

I wrote this letter to Edison about ten days before he was born. It's hard to believe he's eleven weeks old already! Our newborn photos were taken by Sophia Brown Photography.

Today I tried to imagine how you might look - I pictured you running through a forest with sandy blonde hair and freckles. Maybe your hair has a little curl to it. If it's red and curly like your Aunt Evi's, I'll thank the Lord every day. 

Maybe your hair is stick straight and brown, and your eyes are just like your daddy's - blue and green, ever changing color. It was those eyes that made me fall in love with your daddy, you know. It was love at first sight; the first time I looked into those blue-green eyes. They stole my heart. 

You'll have a good sense of humor, probably a little on the cheesy side, like your dad. Maybe you'll be introverted, like me, and love writing and reading. Or you'll inherit your dad's ability to make friends everywhere you go. 

Maybe you'll be the life of the party on your baseball team. Or basketball, since we already know you'll be tall. But you know your dad has his heart set on teaching you everything he knows about baseball. You'll also have to be a Yankees fan. We all do. 

You'll probably be prone to moods, like your parents, and have a sensitive heart. There's no shame in crying during movies, or at the end of a good book. Trust us.

Maybe you'll have a bit of mommy's temper. Or, maybe you'll take after your dad, and take everything in stride, long-suffering and patient. Except when driving. Oh, you'll be driving before we know it! And then we'll really know whose child you are.

I wonder if you'll like math, or prefer art. Maybe you'll be a scholar, or a philosopher, or an artist. Maybe you'll be loud and athletic and vivacious. Maybe you'll be some combination.

You'll be like us, and yet in your own way. 

We'll see ourselves in you, and yet you'll be all you, Edison.