Friday, June 1

Inspiration: Weekend Relaxation

It's been a hamster-running-in-a-wheel week. You know, those weeks when you're busybusybusy but not really going anywhere? And it's June now! The year is half over. Next week, I'm taking a look at my New Year's Resolutions and see how well I'm doing and what I need to change going forward.

Today, I decided to walk to Goodwill. I could get my exercise for the day, work on my tan, not have to drive, and I wouldn't be tempted to buy something I don't need, since I could only buy what I could carry.

Bad idea. 113 Degrees is WAY too hot to walk to Goodwill. I took a bottle of water, but on the way home, with the heat waves shimmering from the sidewalk stretching for miles in front of me and my stomach growling, a knot of panic tightened in my stomach. I pep-talked myself home, and made it with a few drops to spare. But never again!

I'll share my thrifty find with you Monday, but today, I need some weekend relaxation inspiration. I've been so stressed this week, all because of some self inflicted deadlines. I thought I could write a magazine article, a query letter, and four blog posts each week, and design two websites at the same time. Ha!

As of last night, I've resolved to give myself some grace and set more realistic goals. And relax.

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Ok, enough looking at pictures. Get offline and enjoy your weekend!