Monday, August 14

Office Renovation Update Part 2

Let's take a little trip down memory lane before we get to the photos of how it looks today. 

Here's our office renovation part 1. We've come a long way! We tore out the carpet, painted the walls light blue, installed "custom built-ins" (aka, Billy bookcases from Ikea) desks, curtains, and finally, a rug.

In October 2015, I created two different office inspiration looks; one was navy and yellow, and one was navy and pink. As we've remodeled over the last three years, the style and colors have evolved, although when I asked you guys about what rug to get, I almost did get the pink one. In the end, I got the only one no one voted for ... because I just decided it was the one. I'm thinking the pink one might work in our guest room, because I do love it! 

Of course, this room still isn't "finished." We still would like to add a Murphy bed on the wall with the big gap between the bookcases, where the butterfly and bird posters hang. And we really need some office chairs - the blue bistro chairs from Amazon are adorable and uncomfortable, and the big brown chair was a freebie from a coworker years ago and just needs to be replaced. 

Of course, I wouldn't MIND if Brian's bike and exercise equipment could go somewhere else ... but so far, short of building an air-conditioned shed in the backyard, we haven't figured out an alternative.

So this is what it looks like, in real life.

Here's where the Murphy bed will someday go.

My craft corner is improving, now that I have an Ikea Malm dresser for storage instead of a stack of totes.

Brian's bike shoes and exercise equipment has a spot on the shelf too.

I made the painting on the left, the one on the right I bought. 

Here's a close up of the rug I bought from Target, on the right. The main reason I decided on this one at last was because the colors and pattern go so well with the rug in the entry way and living room.

So that's it! 

In case you're looking for something similar, here's a few links to a few of the items: 
Maybe, once we get new office chairs and the Murphy bed built, I'll post one final update - minus the bike. 

Did you like this remodel? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, August 7

Life Lately: June & July

Summertime arrived in full swing. This year, Brian and I decided to go to San Diego again for our anniversary weekend, leaving Edison home with Grandma. He didn't mind, especially when he got some special treats - donuts on his morning walks.

Brian and I started our trip off right - we were heading to the beach, so pirate cake pops seemed fitting.

When the Airbnb condo described itself as "steps away from the beach," it wasn't lying.

It was also a short walk from Belmont park, where we played mini-golf one night, and rode the rides, including the old wooden roller coaster, another. I almost lost my glasses on the roller coaster, we felt a little sick after eating a funnel cake, Brian got ice cream as big as his head, and the whole thing was wonderful.

I also discovered Acai bowls, and took dozens of foodies that I will spare you.

After searching with faulty directions last year, this year we found Balboa Park! We could have spent a couple days here, but we only had time for the art museum and the automotive museum, and the rose garden.

We briefly ventured into the historical area of San Diego for breakfast on our last day, and checking out some amazing architecture.

It seemed like no time at all, and then we were road-tripping again to California, this time to LA for the fourth of July weekend.

Edison is pretty chill on road trips.

A burger with gluten-free bread and dairy-free cheese - I thought I died and went to heaven.

Edison takes after me and loves the beach, but boy, was it a lot harder to take him to the beach than I expected. Just trying to keep the sand out of his mouth was pretty impossible, much less off the beach towel and out of the food. Next time, I'm going to search for all the Pinterest beach hacks. 

Besides our trips, we had some great down time and just fun moments.

Hat switch!

He had a great time playing on these, until some other kids came and he found out they could move. That did not end well!

How does this even happen???

I posted on Instagram that I was beginning to understand why parents of two-year-olds sigh deeply. He does the cutest, sweetest things, and then the next second melts into a raging monster I barely recognize. These days are hard.

The sanity-draining whining, the fits, problems resurfacing at daycare, behavior issues that I just don't know if I'm dealing with it in the right way, and others I don't know where to even begin dealing with ... parenting is just hard!

Lots of ice cream (after he goes to bed) and a sense of humor are essential, I think.

But after a particularly bad day of fits, Edison got sick at daycare and so he had to stay home the day after. He helped me decorate his birthday cakes, which you can see in this post, by finishing off the frosting.

Since it was a sick day, we also got to watch lots of Thomas the Train. 

Edison also tried to be a train - scooting across the top of the back of the couch. Unfortunately, he kind of derailed...

I already posted about Edison's birthday, but one of the presents Brian was especially excited about was getting Edison his first bike. He hasn't quite figured out how to ride it yet, but he definitely loves it.

Some days it's still hard to believe we're parents of a two-year-old. Each day, he learns more words and makes more connections between ideas, and it's really a joy to see. There's still plenty of fit-throwing days, and I know there's many more in our future, but someday we'll turn around and he'll be eighteen. My prayer is that we're developing his character now, with that day in mind. And making great memories in the process!