Friday, January 29

Five Friday Finds: Little Man Closet Edition

Little Man's Closet: Mustard

Imagining Edison in this outfit makes me so happy! Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors, especially in January, when we have a few more cloudy days than usual. Although, I'm not really complaining about the weather, since I know most of the country just dealt with Blizzard 2016.

I should mention that as of right now, Edison doesn't own any of these items, and also this post isn't sponsored. These are fun finds on my wish list, not only because of how adorable they are, but also the stories behind the products.

This year, one of my resolutions is to get back to shopping ethically. It used to be difficult to find very ethical children's clothing, but I've found so many great shops on Instagram that I can't wait to share with you!

The slouchy beanie is from NOXX,  and is handmade locally, in Scottsdale Arizona. They make beanies of all sizes, with new colors and fabrics all the time. Since he has practically no hair still, I'm thinking that some hats might be a good idea for Edison.

The jersey leggings are from Alexandra Rose, and are also handmade. I wish they came in grown up sizes!

I love the truth on this tiny baby sweatshirt from Camplight Apparel. Every purchase from Camplight Apparel helps feed malnourished children.

These leather loafer shoes are from Potato Feet, a handmade family business in LA. I've put several pairs of their moccasins on my wish list.

The colors and patterns in this quilt are stunning! It's also handmade, from a local company in Mesa called KB Cute Designs. They also make bedding, changing covers, swaddle blankets, and beanies.

Have you found any great local treasures lately? Give them a shout out in the comments!

Sunday, January 24

Life Lately: Six Months!

You guys. Six months! I distinctly remember thinking when he was around two months old that six months seemed so far away. And then all of a sudden, it was here. It's his half-birthday - that means Edison is halfway to one whole year old!

Good news: when we came home after visiting family for Christmas, we ran out of Edison's reflux medicine. And just as the Dr. predicted would happen at some point, he was just fine. We never got it refilled, and he's had no acid reflux issues for almost a month! 

Also, right before we left to visit family for Christmas, I'd taken him to a last minute Dr. appointment. At his 4 month appointment, he'd fallen from the 48th percentile in weight to the 8th. At that appointment, days before he turned 5 months, he'd fallen even further: 4th percentile. Yikes. He still seemed perfectly happy and content, so I tried very hard not to go down the I'm-a-bad-mom slippery slope. We started feeding him a bottle of formula on occasion, and a couple weeks ago, we started some solids. At his six month check up, he was up to 10th percentile! I'm also highly amused that his height is 16th percentile, and get this: his head circumference is in the 83rd. It's confirmed: he's a baby genius.

He took huge strides (not literally) sitting up while we were visiting family over Christmas, and he sits mostly unsupported now. I think he's about to start crawling any day. Still no teeth, but he's a ferocious chomper. Watch your fingers.

It's been fun introducing him to solids. He loved oatmeal cereal (takes after his dad), and so for his first vegetable, I started him with squash. I personally love squash, and Brian hates it, so I figure that if I can get Edison to like it, I'll actually have a reason to buy it. Squash was a hit, and then we tried peas and apples a couple times, but the faces of disgust and shock ... well, we got some great videos, but we couldn't torture the poor kid. Sweet potatoes, another favorite of mine that Brian detests, seem pretty ok. So far, I'm winning when it comes to food preferences.

He babbles, sings on occasion, and giggles on the regular. He greatly dislikes wearing shoes, and I absolutely love dressing him up. The bow tie and cardigan he got for Christmas are my favorites, and he's a good sport about it. 

Always a charmer!

Happy Half-birthday Little Man!

Tuesday, December 29

Life Lately: Edison's First Christmas

Oh what fun!

Per usual, I had big plans for Christmas crafts, actually baking, great gifts, and Christmas cards. But this year, ain't nobody got time for that.

But I did make the "Silent Night" artwork on the mantle, and decorated the house, and the tree. And since we didn't get family Christmas pictures taken, I took a few of Edison under the tree.

Edison has loved the lights and ornaments!

Christmas festivities included tree shopping, going to see Winter Wonder - a Christmas production by Scottsdale Bible Church, watching Elf and enjoying fires in the fireplace.

We opened presents as a family, and Edison got to try out the bouncer we got him, before we flew to Iowa the next day. He was a trooper! He fell asleep before the first takeoff, was content to suck on his pacifier or bottle for the landing and next takeoff, and only cried during the last landing, which was a little rough for all of us. He had no problem getting through security, and since we'd figured out a few days before that he liked being in the infant carrier if he faces out and can see all the people, that made it easy to transport him around the airports.

Since we've been in Iowa, we celebrated Christmas with Brian's immediate family Christmas Eve morning, my immediate family Christmas Eve evening, then drove two hours that night so we could celebrate Christmas morning with Brian's extended family, leaving early afternoon to celebrate with my extended family, and then driving back to spend the night with Brian's extended family. Then we visited with Brian's extended-extended family the next morning, and early afternoon make the trek back to Brian's parents' house, where we're staying. And then we took long naps.

This week, I'm trying to fit in more time with family and friends, while not overdoing it. I've figured out that as much as Edison likes people, he needs time to recharge, which has meant crying most of the day on Monday and refusing to sleep. But we're figuring it out, one day at a time. And seeing my family enjoy spending time with him is totally worth it.

Edison turned five months! Even in the time we've been here, he's started sitting up mostly on his own, rolling over more, making lots of new sounds, and sometimes I'm pretty sure he recognizes his name. He's chewing ferociously on everything, but no teeth yet!

I got my wish for a white Christmas! And then some - we got hit with a blizzard, which allowed us some much needed down time for naps and working on New Year's Resolutions. 

Travel, snow, family, friends, decorating cookies, cozy pajamas, great presents, sleeping in late and drinking hot apple cider out of giant mugs - it's almost like a story out of the Hallmark Christmas movies we've been staying up late to watch. Minus dumping the handsome attorney for the rugged country boy, and having to choose between a promotion in the big city and said rugged country boy. In this story, I will still go back to the big city, and I'll take my rugged country boy with me!

Merry Christmas from us! I hope you have a fantastic New Year!